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June 21, 2018
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CERCLA Education Center Overview

The CERCLA Education Center (CEC) offers U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-scene coordinators (OSC), remedial project managers (RPM), site assessment managers (SAM), and other environmental professionals training courses on the many aspects of Superfund and the latest environmental technologies. The courses provide not only basic definitions and procedures, but detailed presentations on EPA's role with other federal agencies as well.

The CEC is an important part of EPA's Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM) continuing mission to coordinate and improve workforce development programs through training. The program is designed so that participants can easily schedule the training that most applies to their job performance. OSCs, RPMs, and SAMs can take basic Superfund training and more advanced technical training.

There is no tuition for CEC courses and, upon completing the course, each participant receives a certificate.

Participants also receive reference materials that they can use later on the job.

The CERCLA Education Center has offered the following courses:

Advanced Design Application and Data Analysis for Field XRF Instrumentation in Soil Matrices
Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop
Basic Overview of Superfund Online
Best Management Practices for Site Assessment, Site Remediation, and Green Remediation Footprint Reduction
Best Practices for Efficient Soil Sampling Designs
Best Practices for Site Characterization Throughout the Remediation Process
Electroplating Processes and Cleanups
Enforcement Process Overview
Federal Facilities Remediation Seminar
Federal Facility RPM
Fundamentals of Superfund
Getting to Remedy Selection More Quickly: Using a Conceptual Site Model to Understand Sediment Site Conditions, Characterize Contamination, and Reduce Uncertainties
Groundwater High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)
Hazard Ranking System
IGEs for RPMs: From Scoping to Funding
Incremental Sampling
Legal Issues for RPMs and Attorneys
Managing Contracts: Focus on the Invoice
Negotiations Training for OSCs
OH EPA Remedy Selection for Groundwater Restoration
OSC 201
OSC Counter Terrorism Training
OSC Warrant Officer Training
PASI Webinar Series
Post Construction Completion
Preliminary Assessment and Site Inspection Training
Purchase Card Training
Remedial Acquisition Framework Training Course
Remedial Design/ Remedial Action for Other Federal Agencies, States, Tribes and Consultants
Remedial Design/Remedial Action (RD/RA)
Remedial Process
Removal Process
Removal Process for RPMs
Risk and Crisis Communication
RPM 201
Streamlined Investigations and Cleanup Using the Triad Approach
Superfund 101
Superfund Essentials
Superfund Relocation
Temporary Relocation
Triad Training for Managers
Triad Training for Practitioners
Waste Treatment, Transportation, and Disposal

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