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May 21, 2018
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OLEM Training Coordination Team Members

as of April 20, 2017

EPA Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center (CPRC)
Gina Cerasani,
Deborah Dalton,

EPA Community Involvement and Program Initiatives Branch (CIPIB)
Tina Conley,

EPA Emergency Response Training Program (ERTP)
JoAnn Eskelsen,
Ray Ledbetter,

EPA Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Roberta Runge,
Brian Schleiger,

EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR)
Gail Hansen,
Deana Nisbett,
Sara Rasmussen,

EPA Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE)
Nadya Spice,

EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI)
Gary Turner,
Ann McKamey,

EPA Region 1
James Carew, (Removal)
Cosmo Caterino, (OSC)
Sebastian Rodriguez, (RCRA)

EPA Region 2
Diann Cox-Tramel, (Superfund)
Kelli Lucarino, (OSC)

EPA Region 3
Roseann Deal, (Human resources)
John Hopkins, (RCRA)
Zeradian Kelly-Abrams, (Contracts)
Sonia Maldonado, (Removal)
Moshood Oduwole, (RCRA)
Claudette Reed, (Contracts)

EPA Region 4
Denise Housley, (RCRA)
David Keefer, (Superfund)
Kim Vandiver, (Superfund)

EPA Region 5
Jeffrey Gore, (Remedial)
Michelle Jaster, (Removal)
Michelle Kaysen, (RCRA)

EPA Region 6
Paige Delgado, (Superfund)
Matt Loesel, (RCRA)
Monica Smith, (Brownfields)

EPA Region 7
Amanda Halstead, (Superfund)
Don Lininger, (RCRA)

EPA Region 8
Frances Costanzi, (Remedial)
Mark Wullstein, (Removal)

EPA Region 9
Patricia Bowlin, (Remedial)

EPA Region 10
Shawn Drummond, (Human resources)
Barbara Legas, (Human resources)
Kira Lynch, (STL)
Sandra Poulson, (Office of Management Programs)

Tim Czysz (HazTrain),
Ted Ellwood (Tetra Tech),
Krissi Folsom (EMS),
Joseph Gawarzewski (Tetra Tech),
Robert Langston (EMS),
Jodi McCarty (ICF),
Gabriella McConnel (EMS),
Jackie Scheben (HazTrain),
Kevin Scott (Tetra Tech),

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