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ARARs Academy Webinars
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation

The ARARs Academy Webinars are a series of three webinars required in order to attend the classroom ARARs Academy deliveries. The webinar series will cover introductory materials including a review of important definitions, the ARAR identification process, ARAR waivers, and a review of the most common Federal ARARs.

The ARARs Academy Webinars is a prerequisite for the classroom delivery and is recommended for RPMs with at least six months experience and may have assisted other RPMs with Superfund sites or now are preparing to take the lead on Superfund sites. The ARARs Academy Webinars may also be a good review for more experienced RPMs. In addition, the ARARs Academy Webinars may also be valuable to EPA site attorneys, other Superfund staff, and State personnel supporting Superfund sites. THE WEBINARS ARE NOT OPEN TO ACADEMIA, CONSULTANTS, CONTRACTORS OR ANY PRIVATE ENTITIES. Superfund 101 and the Remedial Process course are prerequisites for attendees to participate in the ARARs Academy Webinars. 

For general information contact Jodi McCarty (ICF) by telephone at 773-934-3091 or via e-mail at

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