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March 3, 2024
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Introduction to Remedial Action Management when using EPA Contracts
Hosted by U.S. EPA

Introduction to Remedial Action (RA) Management when using EPA Contracts is an intermediate level project management course that provides a comprehensive examination of the technical, contracting, and regulatory requirements that the Superfund Remedial Program and EPA contracting offices must address as they plan for and oversee the execution on remedial action projects at Superfund sites under EPA contracts. This course discusses how planning for and using project management principles during RD/RA planning, RD execution, RA solicitation, and RA implement will help the project team manage change with a focus on controlling scope, schedule, and budget.

By taking the course, participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of why RA management requirements have changed for work executed under EPA contracts. This course explains how direct management of remedial design and remedial action project requires the Agency to fundamentally restructuring the way the Superfund program manages these projects.
  • Understand that effective RA management starts early in the design phase. Controlling and understanding the scope of the RD and the content of the plans and specifications has a direct impact on how a RA project will be executed and the effort it will take to oversee RA activities.
  • Understand that successful RA management requires proactive planning and project management throughout the process. The RPM must assemble an team to support RD and RA implementation. This team can include Superfund and contracting staff and managers, as well external resources, such as EPA Headquarters, other Federal Agencies, States/Tribes, or contractors. The RPM is the leader of this team and must establish a culture of collaboration and teamwork through clear roles and responsibilities and established communication protocols.
  • Understand the importance of change management. In Superfund RD and RA projects, changes will occur that impact scope, schedule, and budget. Have a process and tools to identify, track, and manage change. A lack of process or timely identification and management of change in RD and RA can lead to costly and timely issue resolution.
  • Apply the knowledge gained during the course. Participants take part in several activities that give them the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to realistic situations that reflect the real-life experiences of RPMs and contracting officers preparing for and managing RA projects.

This course is a 3-day course and is designed for EPA project teams (Superfund and contracting staff and managers) who will be initiating an RD/RA project under EPA contracts in the next 12 months or EPA project teams that are in the process of implementing an RD and planning for an RA under EPA contracts. THIS COURSE IS NOT OPEN TO OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES, STATES, TRIBES, ACADEMIA, CONSULTANTS, CONTRACTORS OR ANY PRIVATE ENTITIES.

*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

Important Notice: Due to the content presented during a CEC course and the restrictions in place for non-citizens to enter federal buildings, international attendees are not permitted to attend CEC courses.

For general information contact Jodi McCarty (ICF) by telephone at 773-934-3091 or via e-mail at

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