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March 3, 2024
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NWETC Courses

Below is a list of all 231 NWETC courses that have ever been offered through this website.

bullet  A Small Dose of Toxicology: Health Hazards of Toxic Chemicals and Methods for Preventing Exposure
bullet  Achieving Water Quality Standards through Contaminant Trackdown Studies HYD-410
bullet  Advanced ArcGIS 9 for Fisheries and Wildlife Biology Applications
bullet  Advanced GIS Techniques for Fisheries Data Management and Analysis GIS-405
bullet  Advanced NEPA-An Intensive One-Day Seminar With Solutions to the Most Difficult NEPA Problems POL-500
bullet  Air Permitting Workshop AIR-300
bullet  Air Pollution and Climate Change ntroduction to Science, Policy and Technology (Course ID: SUST-409)
bullet  Air Quality Analysis AIR-201
bullet  Air Quality Analysis and Regulations in California CAPOL-402
bullet  An Introduction to Process-Based Stream Restoration in the Hawaiian Islands Basic Principles of Form and Process, Project Context, Sustainable Design, and the Unique Circumstances of Hawaii Course ID: HYD-511
bullet  Applications of Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) for Remediation of Petroleum and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Soil and Groundwater Course ID: GHYD-410 (Course 3 of 3 in a series)
bullet  Applied Contaminant Chemistry and Transport in Soil and Groundwater Course ID: CHEM-403B
bullet  Applied Hydrogeologic Site Characterization and Monitoring Well Construction for Environmental Professionals
bullet  Applied Macroepigenetics ETOX-515
bullet  Aquatic Ecosystems Training GHYD-350
bullet  Aquatics Permitting GHYD-355
bullet  ArcFuels: An ArcGIS Interface for fuel treatment planning and wildfire risk assessment Course ID: GIS - 601
bullet  ArcGIS10: An Introduction to Environmental Applications GIS-403
bullet  ArcGIS10: Applications of Advanced Concepts for Environmental Applications GIS-503
bullet  ArcGIS10: Geoprocessing- Advanced Techniques for Environmental Applications GIS-503
bullet  Assessing Contaminants in Subsistence Resources: Determining if subsistence fish and shellfish are safe for consumption ETOX-450
bullet  Backpack Electrofishing and Fish Handling Techniques Effective Methods for Maximizing Fish Capture and Survival
bullet  Backpack Electrofishing: Principles and Practices BIO-407
bullet  Basic NEPA: The Law, Logic, and Language of the National Environmental Policy Act POL-302
bullet  Basic Statistics for Environmental Professionals STAT-102
bullet  Biomimicry for Sustainable Design Discovering a World of Solutions Inspired by Nature
bullet  Boat Electrofishing: Principles and Practices BIO-408
bullet  Boat-Backpack Electrofishing: Principles and Practices BIO-409
bullet  Brownfield Restoration - Managing for Success from Start to Finish Course ID: REM-502
bullet  Brownfield Restoration Training Course ID: REM-502
bullet  Brownfield Site Restoration and Remediation- Understanding the Risks and Rewards REM 404-WA
bullet  Brownfields; Clean up from Start to Finish Course ID: GIS - 601
bullet  Building Sustainable Infrastructure: Project Evaluation and Enhancement Planning for Economic, Cultural and Environmental Aspects Course ID: SUST-703
bullet  CESCL On-line Recertification CESCL-102w
bullet  CESCL: Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training CESCL-101
bullet  CESCL: Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Re-Certification CESCL-102
bullet  CESCL: Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training 2-Day in Oregon CESCLOR-101
bullet  Carbon Footprints, Step by Step Course ID: SUST-408
bullet  Carbon Offsets 101
bullet  Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training 2-Day in Oregon POL-403A
bullet  Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Delineation Workshop
bullet  Chronic Effects and Toxicity of Contaminants to Organisms in Aquatic and Marine Systems Case Studies in Environmental Toxicology
bullet  Climate Policy, Carbon Credits and Business Risk Course ID: SUST-406
bullet  Collaborative Negotiation Skills for Environmental Professionals NEG-301
bullet  Collaborative Negotiations and Conflict Management for Environmental Professionals NEG-350
bullet  Collecting and Handling of Water Samples for Trace Metal Analysis
bullet  Comprehensive Environmental Sampling: Methodology, Practice, and Analysis CHEM-250
bullet  Conflict Resolution Skills for Environmental Professionals CON-201
bullet  Contaminant Chemistry and Transport in Soil and Groundwater An Overview of Petroleum, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon, and Metal Behavior in the Environment (Course I.D. CHEM-403B)
bullet  Contaminant Forensics of Petroleum, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, and Metals Geochemical Applications for Assessing Contaminant Transport, Risk, and Apportioning Liability
bullet  Contaminant Source Tracking and Age-Dating CHEM-450
bullet  Contaminant Vapor Migration and Intrusion VAQM-401
bullet  Contaminated Drinking Water in the U.S.
bullet  Contaminated Site Assessments for Remedial Investigations - Understanding petroleum, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and metals behavior in soil and groundwater Course I.D. CHEM-403B (Course 2 of 3 in a Series)
bullet  Control and Management of Non-Native Invasive Fish BIO-309
bullet  Defining Sustainability in Practice, Policy, and Law
bullet  Delineation of Ordinary High Water Marks & Ordinary High Water Lines HYD-604
bullet  EPA's New Unified Guidance: Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Monitoring Data STAT-410
bullet  EPA's Numeric Limits to Construction Site Stormwater Discharge and the BMPs Available to Achieve Them POL-401
bullet  Ecological Risk Assessment-An Introduction: Webinar REM-405W
bullet  Ecological Significance of High Flows on Streams and Rivers in the Upper Midwest HYD-401 SCN/NWETC
bullet  Ecosystem Goods and Service Valuation Course ID: SUST-801
bullet  Effective Facilitation Skills and Techniques for Professionals FAC-301
bullet  Emerging Contaminants Workshop CHEM-410
bullet  Endangered Species Act - Process, Science, and Strategies Course ID: POL - 305
bullet  Engineered Log Jam Construction Oversight (Field Course)
bullet  Engineered Log Jam Design Calculations
bullet  Environmental Chemistry and Contaminant Remediation Approaches CHEM-403B
bullet  Environmental Forensics Techniques CHEM-540
bullet  Environmental Forensics Techniques: Contaminant Source Tracking and Age-Dating CHEM-540
bullet  Environmental Forensics in Water Resources CHEM-550
bullet  Environmental Forensics-Site Characterization and Remediation CHEM-545
bullet  Environmental Negotiations - The Art of Building Trust and Getting to Yes Course ID: OPR-301
bullet  Environmental Negotiations for Scientists and Resource Managers Course ID: OPR-301
bullet  Environmental Sampling Theory Study Design, Data Collection, and the Appropriate Use of Statistics in Data Reporting (Course I.D. STAT-403)
bullet  Environmental Site Restoration/Mitigation Creative Planning and Implementation
bullet  Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) Management for Future Business Leaders Course ID: EHS-301
bullet  Erosion and Sediment Control Course ID: HYD-601
bullet  Evaluating Power Sources: A Due Diligence Method for Assessing Social, Economic, and Environmental Aspects for Electricity Generation Course ID: SUST-310
bullet  Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion Pathway VAQM-410
bullet  Facilitating Remote and Online Meetings-Essential Success Skills FAC-350W
bullet  Facilitation Skills and Collaborative Negotiation Training for Environmental Professionals FAC-400
bullet  Facilitation Skills for Environmental Professionals FAC-301
bullet  Facilitation Skills for Scientists and Resource Managers Course ID: FAC-301
bullet  Fish Passage: Course 3 of 3 in a series BIO-305
bullet  Floodplain Management HYD-305
bullet  Freshwater Fish ID: Morphology, Biology, and Ecology
bullet  Fundamental Contaminant Chemistry - A review of chemistry principles essential for understanding contaminant transport, fate, and remediation Course I.D. CHEM-403A (Course 1 of 3 in a Series)
bullet  Fundamental Contaminant Chemistry in Soil and Groundwater Chem-403a
bullet  Fundamental Water Law and a Case Study of the Columbia River System Course ID: POL-340
bullet  Fundamentals of Contaminant Chemistry and Applications in Subsurface Contaminant Transport and Remediation CHEM-403
bullet  Get CPSWQ Certified Course ID: HYD-505
bullet  Green Roofs and Living Walls for Residential Applications Course ID: GBS-402
bullet  Greenhouse Gas Accounting & Inventory Management GHG-201
bullet  Greenhouse Gas Analysis and Regulations in California CAPOL-403 (2 days)
bullet  Grid 101 'The Future is Now' Course ID: SUST-802
bullet  Groundwater Contamination and Remediation: Principles and Practices GHYD-450
bullet  HAZWOPER (8 Hour Refresher) SAF-102
bullet  Habitat Restoration / Mitigation Creative Planning and Implementation BIO-402
bullet  Habitat Site Restoration BIO-402
bullet  Human Health Risk Assessment Workshop Practical Approaches to Estimating Risk and Developing Site-Specific Cleanup Levels (REM-402)
bullet  Hydrology for the World of Work HYD-400
bullet  Implementing Public Involvement in CERCLA Course ID: POL-405
bullet  Improving Environmental Data Usability STAT-350
bullet  In Pursuit of Sustainability: The Principles and Processes Inherent to All Sustainable Solutions Course ID: SUST-706
bullet  In-Place Asphalt Recycling and Pavement Preservation Programs RDW-301
bullet  In-Situ Chemical Oxidation: Principles and Application Course ID: CHEM-407
bullet  Industrial Stormwater Management POL-350
bullet  Industrial Stormwater Management Workshop POL-404
bullet  Industrial Stormwater in the Northwest: Managing Stormwater Permits in Washington and Oregon POL-406
bullet  Infrared Thermography Training for Residential and Commercial Energy Auditors Course ID: GBS-310
bullet  Intro to Integral Sustainability Accelerating the path to ecological sustainability with the Integral Model Course ID: SUST-302
bullet  Introduction to Applied Hydrogeologic Site Characterization & Monitoring Well Construction for Environmental Professionals Course ID: GHYD-401
bullet  Introduction to Aquatic Toxicology ETOX-410
bullet  Introduction to ArcGIS 9 and Environmental Applications of GIS
bullet  Introduction to ArcGIS 9 for Fisheries and Wildlife Biology Applications
bullet  Introduction to ArcHydro Managing and Mapping Hydrologic Data with ArcGIS
bullet  Introduction to Channel Migration Zone Delineation
bullet  Introduction to Ecological Statistics Course ID: STAT-404
bullet  Introduction to Engineered Log Jam Technology and Applications for Erosion Control and Fish Habitat
bullet  Introduction to Managing Environmental Data with Microsoft Access 2007 COMP-401 (Course 1 of 2 in a series)
bullet  Introduction to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) CAPOL-301
bullet  Introduction to the Model Toxics Control Act WAPOL-401
bullet  Lean and Green Introductory Certification
bullet  Leveraging Value Management VM-501
bullet  Living Building Challenge: The Road to Zero-Impact Buildings GBS-305
bullet  Low Impact Development: Stormwater Management for Sustainable Design and Water Efficiency Course ID: GBS-301
bullet  MTCA 101 Workshop - Introduction to the Model Toxics Control Act (WAC 173-340) Course ID: WAPOL - 401
bullet  MTCA Cleanup Levels Workshop Establishing Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water Cleanup Levels Under the Model Toxics Control Act Course ID: WAPOL - 402
bullet  MTCA Spreadsheets Workshop: Hands-on Training with the 3 and 4 - Phase Partitioning Models WAPOL-404
bullet  Management and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments REM-550
bullet  Managing Carbon: Footprints, Risk and Climate Action for Business and Government Course ID: SUST-407
bullet  Managing Environmental Data With Microsoft Access 2007, Applying the Tools COMP-402 (Course 2 of 2 in a series)
bullet  Managing Environmental Data from the Field to the Final Report STAT-310
bullet  Meeting New Federal-Aid Requirements for Value Engineering Analysis Studies VM-401
bullet  Mercury Effects on Ecosystems Mercury Effects on Ecosystems
bullet  Mercury Effects on Ecosystems and Human Health Course ID: ETOX - 505
bullet  Mercury Effects on Human Health ETOX-505a
bullet  Mercury Health Assessment: A Bigger Threat then Global Warming? Course ID: ETOX-510
bullet  Microsoft Access 2010: Introduction to Managing Environmental Data COMP-401
bullet  Microsoft Access 2010: Managing Environmental Data and Applying the Tools
bullet  Microsoft Access Part 1: Introduction to Building Environmental Databases
bullet  Microsoft Access Part 2: Creating Efficient Workflows and Custom Tools COMP-402
bullet  Microsoft Excel 2010: Environmental Analysis Using Advanced Techniques
bullet  Microsoft Excel Up to Speed Part 1: Shortcuts, Functions, and Charts COMP-410
bullet  Microsoft Excel Up to Speed Part 2: Analysis and Visual Basic Programming COMP-412
bullet  Model Toxics Control Act: A Comprehensive Review of The Cleanup Process for Regulators and Consultants WAPOL-402
bullet  Model Toxics Control Act: An Introduction WAPOL-401
bullet  Modeling Human Health Risks: Practical Approaches to Estimating Risk and Developing Site-Specific Cleanup Levels REM-402 ( 2 days )
bullet  Modeling Pesticides in Surface Water
bullet  Modeling Pesticides in the Aquatic Environment Principles and Methods of Modeling Transport and Fate (Course ID: HYD-403)
bullet  Monitored Natural Attenuation of Petroleum and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
bullet  Monitored Natural Attenuation of Petroleum and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Soil and Groundwater GHYD-410
bullet  NEBC Conference: Managing Stormwater in the Northwest NEBC
bullet  NEPA / CEQA Integration CAPOL-304
bullet  NEPA / CEQA Workshop
bullet  NEPA/SEPA Training WAPOL-408
bullet  NEPA: Writing the Perfect EA/FONSI or EIS POL-302
bullet  NPDES Stormwater Training POL-402
bullet  National Water Quality Conference 2009 Emerging Issues and Technology for Managing Water Quality and Supply in the 21st Century
bullet  Natural Resource Damage Assessment Workshop POL-400
bullet  Nearshore Ecological Restoration, Protection, and Enhancement BIO-405
bullet  Negotiating For Sustainable Results FAC-201
bullet  Negotiation Skills for Women
bullet  New Approaches and Implementation Methods for Municipal Stormwater Management POL-404 SCN-NWETC
bullet  New Approaches in Remediation of Contaminated Sediments REM-550
bullet  New Effluent Limitation Guideline Training POL-401
bullet  Non-Native Invasive Fish and their Impacts BIO-309
bullet  OSHA-10 OSHA-100
bullet  Optimizing Projects and Processes via Value Management VM-401
bullet  Oregon Erosion and Sediment Control Workshop POL-403
bullet  Oregon Industrial Stormwater Management Workshop POL-404
bullet  Pacific Salmonid Recovery Conference 2009
bullet  Pacific Salmonid: Spawning Habitat Restoration BIO-304
bullet  Pacific Salmonids: Ecology BIO-303
bullet  Persuasive Communication and Presentation of Environmental Projects COM-410
bullet  Planning and Preparing an Ecological Risk Assessment REM-405
bullet  Principles and Practical Skills for Environmental Site Assessment REM-370
bullet  Principles of Environmental Sampling Phase I and II ESA, Situation of LUST/ Non-Contaminants
bullet  Principles of Natural Resource Management BIO-417
bullet  Principles of Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Environmental Field Programs STAT-350
bullet  Principles of Scientific Sampling for Environmental Professionals Study Design, Data Reporting and the Appropriate Use of Statistics to Support Conclusions
bullet  Principles of Small and Large Dose Toxicology ETOX-510
bullet  Project E N V V E S T - Non-Point Pollution Issues in Kitsap County
bullet  Public Engagement for Environmental Issues Course ID: OPR-201
bullet  Public Relations Training for Environmental Professionals- Perfecting Environmental Communication with the Public, Press, and Industry Course ID: OPR-201
bullet  Quality Assurance and Quality Control Methodology STAT-350
bullet  Quality Assurance/Quality Control
bullet  Re-Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training (Re-CESCL) Course ID: CESCL-102
bullet  Remedial Process Optimization Course ID: REM-510
bullet  Residential Green Roofs and Living Wall; Beyond Stormwater Course ID: GBS-403
bullet  Restoring Fish and Wildlife Populations with Conservation Biology and the Endangered Species Act Course ID: POL-305
bullet  Salmonid Series: Pacific Salmonid Spawning Habitat Restoration:Course 2 of 3 in a series BIO-304
bullet  Salmonid Series: The Ecology of Pacific Salmonids:Course 1 of 3 in a series BIO-303
bullet  Soil Science for Site Assessment and Remediation
bullet  State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Basics and Beyond WAPOL-407
bullet  Stormwater Management Overview for Highway Projects
bullet  Stormwater Monitoring and Data Analysis under New NPDES Phase I and II Regulations
bullet  Stormwater Regulations in California Course ID: CAPOL-401
bullet  Stream Restoration Principles and Construction
bullet  Stream Restoration Workshop
bullet  Sustainability in Action! Assessing Risks, Forming Strategies, and Creating Opportunities Taking action for a healthy environment, thriving society and stable economy
bullet  Texas Water Quality Conference
bullet  The Ecological Significance of High Flows on Alluvial Rivers HYD-401
bullet  The Hydrogeomorphic Methodology for the Functions of Waters and its Applications Course ID: HYD-603
bullet  The MTCA 101 Workshop
bullet  The MTCA Cleanup Levels Workshop
bullet  Tribal Environmental Regulation and Jurisdiction POL-430
bullet  Triple Bottom Line Reporting
bullet  Underground Storage Tank Inspection Training
bullet  Underground Storage Tank Installation Training
bullet  Understanding and Implementing CERCLA, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act Course ID: POL - 405
bullet  Upstream Fish Passage - Fish Behavioral, Engineering, and Related Considerations Course ID: BIO-306
bullet  Using Value Management Program Best Industry Practices to Meet New Federal-Aid Requirements VM-501
bullet  Utilize the Power of Microsoft Excel: Beyond the Basics COMP-410
bullet  Visualizing and Analyzing Environmental Data with R RSTAT-400
bullet  Waste Management and Pollution Control Course ID: REM-340
bullet  Water Law for Professional Water Managers and a Study of the Columbia River System POL-340
bullet  Water Quality Sampling and Design Course ID: HYD-602
bullet  Water Quality Sampling and Design HYD-602
bullet  Waters of the United States GHYD-400
bullet  Wetland Science and Delineation
bullet  Wetlands Delineation GHYD-350
bullet  Wetlands Demystified! Navigating the Complicated World of Wetland Delineation, Regulation, and Restoration
bullet  Wetlands Permitting GHYD-355
bullet  When the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics RCOM-452
bullet  When the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics: Part One RCOM-451
bullet  When the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics: Part Two RCOM-452
bullet  Writing Policies and Procedures Course ID: OPR-340
bullet  Writing a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) STAT-340
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