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RTFL Webinar Refresher Training (2013)
Hosted by U.S. EPA

This training is only open to RTFLs who have attended the two week initial training course.

The RTFL Training Steering Committee, due to Sequestration impacts, has decided to provide the 2013 RTFL Refresher Training in three Webinar training sessions.

There are THREE REQUIRED WEBINAR MODULES for RTFL Refresher Training in 2013. Each Module is approximately two hours long. Each of the three modules will be offered twice (Session A and Session B). Unlike the RTFL Webinar training in 2012, which didn’t require any particular order for taking the classes, the 2013 Refresher Training requires that Webinar #1 and Webinar #3 be taken sequentially but not necessarily in the same Session. Webinar #2 can be taken at anytime since the content is not related or in sequence with the content of Webinar #1 or #3. A student can take a Session A of one Webinar and Session B of any subsequent or sequential Webinar. For example:

A student can take Webinar #1 in Session A and when s/he takes Webinar #3, it can be in Session A or B. Webinar #1 Session A and B are identical except for the date of delivery. There is a stipulation regarding this particular example though, Webinar #1 must be completed prior to taking Webinar #3. Webinar #2 (any Session), as stated above, can be taken at any time.

For convenience and to minimally impact the schedules of the RTFLs and instructors, the complex of three modules is being offered twice within six weeks in May and June, 2013. The Webinars will be conducted using EPA’s Adobe Connect system. The link for RTFL training is:

Audio: Some EPA employees have speakers with their computers and some do not. If some attendees use their computer speakers and some attendees use the conference line, there is tremendously loud feedback screech. To avoid this, PLEASE USE THE CONFERENCE LINE BELOW:
Call-In Number: 866-299-3188 Conference code: 702-784-8004#

Training Dates:
Webinar #1: Radiation Safety and The RTFL at Work
               Session A: May 16, 2013, 1100-1300 EST
               Session B: May 21, 2013, 1400-1600 EST

Webinar #2: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Response and the RTFL
               Session A: June 4, 2013, 1100-1300 EST
               Session B: June 13, 2013, 1400-1600 EST

Webinar #3: Control Point Procedures Review & Documentation Feedback
               Session A: June 20, 2013, 1100-1300 EST
               Session B: June 25, 2013, 1400-1600 EST

The attached Agenda describes the content of each Webinar included in this training. Please ensure you are signing up for the correct Webinar offering you wish to attend. You will want to make sure you are signing up for one of each of the three different Webinar offerings. Each Webinar and Session (i.e., Webinar 1A and 1B, Webinar 2A and 2B and Webinar 3A and 3B) is provided its own "Details and Registration" page.

For general information contact Colleen Petullo by telephone at 702-784-8004 or via e-mail at

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