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General Information
Event Name: RTFL Webinar Refresher Training (2013)
Hosted By: U.S. EPA
Event Description:

This training is only open to RTFLs who have attended the two week initial training course.

The RTFL Training Steering Committee, due to Sequestration impacts, has decided to provide the 2013 RTFL Refresher Training in three Webinar training sessions.

There are THREE REQUIRED WEBINAR MODULES for RTFL Refresher Training in 2013. Each Module is approximately two hours long. Each of the three modules will be offered twice (Session A and Session B). Unlike the RTFL Webi ...  [more]

Additional Information:

This is an offering of:
Webinar #3: Control Point Procedures Review and Documentation Feedback

Please refer back to the Course Description Page for details

Registration Status: Registration Open
Event Begins: June 20, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Event Ends: June 20, 2013 at 1:00 PM
For questions about this event, please contact: Colleen Petullo
Phone: 702-784-8004
This event will be held at: Please see access link on Course Description page
Webinar #3

Audio: Some EPA employees have speakers with their computers and some do not. If some attendees use their computer speakers and some attendees use the conference line, there is tremendously loud feedback screech. To avoid this, PLEASE USE THE CONFERENCE LINE BELOW:

Call-In Number: 866-299-3188 Conference code: 702-784-8004#

Additional Event Information
Webinar Agendas (145K/PDF)
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