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On Trainex we list many courses offered by several different training partners. The registrations for many of these courses are handled externally, but some are actually handled by Trainex internally. For example, CERCLA Education Center (CEC) courses and Community Involvement University (CIU) classes are handled internally by Trainex, as are many of the 'Other EPA Courses.' If you have ever registered for a class offered by one of these partners on Trainex (or in some cases even before Trainex was available) we will have this information stored in our system along with your registration status upon the completion of the class(es). You may view the information we have on file for you by entering the information requested above. If you have any trouble, please feel free to Contact Us.

Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP), National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI), and other courses such as the internet seminars are all handled by an external partner and you would have to refer to the contact information for those courses to change your contact information or registration status on file with those partners. You can see a list of training by partner by clicking here.

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