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Ecosystem Goods and Service Valuation
Course ID: SUST-801
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Description: This one-day course for non-economists will provide participants an overview of general natural resource economics with an emphasis on how economics can resource managers make decisions. Special emphasis will be placed on ecosystem service valuation, regional economics, impact analysis, benefit cost analysis and particularly the development of ecosystem markets. Economic ecosystem valuation and ecosystem markets are being described by many as a new tool for resource management. Three examples at the federal, state and regional level that demonstrate a commitment to ecosystem valuation and markets are:

The USDA creation of the new office of Ecosystem Services and Markets (from the December 18, 2008 press release) “ … to assist the Secretary of Agriculture in the development of new technical guidelines and science-based methods to assess environmental service benefits which will in turn promote markets for ecosystem services…”

The Puget Sound Partnership’s Action Agenda Funding Strategy, December 2008 (page iii, – “The single most important step the Puget Sound Partnership could take to advance new structural approaches for restoration is the creation of payments for services or integrated ecosystem markets…”

The Willamette Partnership’s Temperature Trading Handbook – Draft, December 31, 2008, Willamette Oregon (from the website -This Temperature Trading Handbook provides natural resource managers with information they need to develop and sell temperature credits generated from planting riparian shade in the Willamette River Basin. It also provides regulated entities that have an obligation to reduce their temperature impacts to river water with information they need to purchase these temperature credits.

Participants in this course will walk away with an understanding of how economics can help with resource management decision making. In particularly how valuation and markets can help them manage resources, garner funding and/or turn potential liabilities into assets.

Registration: $250 ($195 reduced tuition*)
*Reduced tuition is available for Native American tribes; government employees; nonprofits; students; and NAEP, NEBC, NWAEP members. You may register via the link below or by calling the Northwest Environmental Training Center at 206-762-1976.

For general information contact Eldan Goldenberg by telephone at 206-762-1976 or via e-mail at

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