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RCRA Permitting and State Programs 101
Hosted by U.S. EPA - Region 4
RCRA Division

The RCRA Division Training and Work Force Development Team announces another, in a series, of introductory training courses on the multiple programs and functions administered under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Program (RCRA).

This Course segment of the series highlights programs and functions administered by the RCRA Permitting and State Programs Section.

The Course will briefly discuss State Authorization and Grant processing; the RCRA Program tracking system for regulated hazardous waste management facilities (i.e., RCRAInfo), RCRA Permitting, the Solid Waste Program (RCRA Subtitle D), the RCAR PCB Approval Program and the Biennial Reporting in the RCRA Program. This Course is designed to briefly discuss how these Programs and function of RCRA are organized and what they do.

July 21st Offering - Registration Open to Region 4 RCRA Division Staff Only.

July 23rd Offering - Registration Open to Region 4 Staff .

For general information contact Denise Housley by telephone at 404-562-8495 or via e-mail at

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