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Sharing Lessons Learned: Sustainability and Brownfields Reuse PART I. Planning for Success - Brownfields Reuse in the Big Picture
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA Office of Brownfields Cleanup and Redevelopment and Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

Join experts whose communities are flourishing as a result of sound ordinances and plans that incorporate the lessons of openspace preservation, smart growth, green building, and brownfields reuse. Hear how smart planning can spur brownfields cleanup and reuse, and benefit local economies, quality of life and the environment. Our guests will present approaches taken in a large urban/sub-urban area, as well as those employed in a small town and its surrounding rural areas. This is Part I of a two-part series; information on Part II, a presentation of case studies of successful and sustainable redevelopments of both large and small brownfields, will be provided in the near future. For general information contact Jean Balent by telephone at 202-566-0832
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