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Green Remediation Update
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA, Technology Innovation Program

As part of the U.S. EPA's goal of improved environmental stewardship across its programs, the Agency has begun examining opportunities to integrate sustainable practices into the strategies used to remediate and manage contaminated lands. Four related topics will be discussed in this seminar; 1) The broader concept of sustainability in our cleanup programs, 2) placing renewable energy on contaminated lands, 3) reducing the environmental footprint of implementing site cleanups thru green remediation and 4) the evolving concept for a national voluntary green remediation standards program.

RE-Powering America's Land: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land and Mining Sites (Penelope McDaniel, U.S. EPA, Region 9)
EPA is encouraging the development of renewable energy by identifying currently and formerly contaminated lands and mining sites that present opportunities for renewable energy development. The presentation will cover information, tools and resources for developers, industry, and anyone interested in renewable energy development on formerly contaminated land and mining sites. Case studies will also be covered.

For general information contact Jean Balent by telephone at 202-566-0832
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