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Tools for Evaluating and Optimizing Groundwater Monitoring Networks
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division

This seminar provides state, tribal, and federal regulators with information about new methods of optimizing groundwater monitoring programs. Responsible parties, federal facility cleanup managers, and EPA have used LTMO methods at more than 100 sites nationwide and are likely to use them at more sites in the future. These methods support decision-making regarding optimal location and frequency of groundwater monitoring and support changes to existing monitoring networks. The seminar defines and describes long-term monitoring optimization and h ...  [click for more]

For general information contact Jean Balent by telephone at 202-566-0832
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Archives of past CLU-IN internet seminars are available in the CLU-IN Studio at You will be able to view the slide and hear an audio stream of the presentation as it occurred.Image denoting link exits Trainex system

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