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February 23, 2019
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Sustainability in Action! Assessing Risks, Forming Strategies, and Creating Opportunities
Taking action for a healthy environment, thriving society and stable economy
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

This course provides knowledge, concepts and tools for developing a perfect plan for sustainability and success! This hands-on approach to sustainability will allow attendees to develop strategies, identify and assess risks and opportunities, undertake decision-making methods towards successfully achieving sustainability. The mission is to focus on putting sustainability into action in the organizational setting. The first day will address the formation of polices, roles and responsibilities and systems of accountability for sustainability. The second day will entail designing a framework and creating a roadmap. On the last day we will go over sustainability-related metrics and methods for making decisions regarding related activities.

Connecting the dots! It is not enough to merely manage environmental, social and economic impacts independently. To effectively realize the greater goal of sustainability, plans and actions need to capture connections between environmental, social and economic performance as a whole. Plans and actions additionally need to capture the connections of an organization’s performance, as well as the influence of state of local, regional and global ecosystems, communities and economies.

Course topics:

Establishing a common language: the foundation for action
Sustainability in governance
Methods for forming sustainable policies
Roles and responsibilities
Life cycle assessments and systems of accountability
Eco-mindedness and organizational behavior
Finding and fitting a sustainability framework in an organizational setting
The landscape of risks and liabilities
Opportunity identification and solution creation
Plan design and formation
Sustainability implementation: pictures, words, indicators and feedback loops
Indicators and metrics for managing and measuring results
Methods to value sustainability
Decision tools for sustainability: decision trees, and multi-criteria decision analysis and other tools

Tuition: Early Bird - $494 before August 1st, 2008, $695 thereafter.

For general information contact Renata Sobel by telephone at 206-762-1976 or via e-mail at

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