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April 20, 2024
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Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Delineation Workshop

This workshop will provide participants with a basic understanding of channel migration zones (CMZs), including the principal factors influencing channel migration, appropriate methods for mapping historic migration zones, erosion and avulsion hazard areas, and identifying future migration areas. The course will cover basic concepts in interpreting fluvial landscapes, including fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, geology, sedimentology and hydraulics.

Fluvial channel networks define pathways through which water and sediment are conveyed across the landscape. The spatial and temporal characteristics of water and sediment conveyance define two distinct disturbance regimes that directly impact ecological and human communities. The first of these disturbance regimes is defined by the spatial extent and frequency of flooding. The second disturbance regime involves spatial changes in the land by erosion or deposition through time. While these two regimes are closely linked, it is important to distinguish them since they represent two distinctly different consequences: 1) flood inundation and 2) land erosion. Both disturbance regimes have beneficial environmental effects but can pose significant hazards to development within the floodplain or channel migration zone. Local, state and federal regulatory guidelines increasingly recognize the importance of CMZs both in regards to erosion hazard assessment and protection of aquatic and riparian habitat.

Registration Fee: $695 ( *$595 reduced tuition is available for Native American tribes; government employees; nonprofits; students). For general information contact Kristine Robson by telephone at 206-762-1976 (Fax: 206-762-1979) or via e-mail at

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