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Nuclear Process Chemistry at Hanford
Hosted by U.S. EPA - Region 10

The principal objectives of this course are to help and assist students to learn the following subjects:
  • Radiological and radiochemistry fundamentals,
  • Reactor Physics, e.g., N-Reactor,
  • Data Quality Objectives (DQO) process, especially on using radiochemical data,
  • Properties of Irradiated Fuel, (e.g., K-Basin spent fuel),
  • Chemical properties of Hanford Tank Waste, and
  • Recent developments in the field of Radiological fuel and its potential application in radio-analytical chemistry field.
Outlines of this course states as follows:
  • Chemical Engineering Aspects of Radiological Power:
    Radiological Fission; Radiological Fuels; Radiological Reactor Types; Fuel Processing Flow Sheets; Fuel-Cycle Operations; Fuel Reprocessing
  • Radiological Reactions:
    Nuclide; Radioactivity; Decay Chains; Neutron Reactions; The Fission Process; Growth and Decay of Nuclide with Simultaneous Radioactive Decay, Neutron Absorption, and Continuous Processing; Derivation of the Bateman Equation by Laplace Transforms
  • Fuel Cycles for Radiological Reactors:
    Radiological Fuels; Effects of Irradiation on Radiological Fuels; Fuel and Poison Management; Fuel-Cycle Material Flow Sheets
  • Data Quality Objective:
    Data Collection Cycle; Counting and Counting Statistics; Radiochemical Data Reduction; Quality of Radiochemical Data
  • Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange Resin of Metals:
    Applications; Extractable Metal-Organic Complexes; Solvent Extraction Principles; Distribution Coefficients; Solvent Requirements; Theory of Countercurrent Equilibrium Extraction
  • Properties of Irradiated Fuel and Other Reactor Materials:
    Fission-Product Radioactivity; Radioactivity of the Actinides; Effect of Fuel-Cycle Alternatives on Properties of Irradiated Fuel; Radioactivity from Neutron Activation; Neutron Activity in Recycled Fuel
  • Plutonium and Other Actinide Elements:
    General Chemical Properties of the Actinides; Properties of Uranium; Properties of Thorium; Properties of Plutonium; Properties of Neptunium; Properties of Americium/Curium
  • Fuel Reprocessing:
    Objectives of Reprocessing; History of Reprocessing; The PUREX Process
Dr. Chung-King Liu will be the instructor.

There is no registration fee for this course. For general information contact Diane Ruthruff by telephone at 206-553-5139 or via e-mail at

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