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Sediment Remedies: Capping - Technical Considerations for Evaluation and Implementation
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

The first in a series of three internet seminars that will provide practical information on how to evaluate the technical suitability of capping, dredging, and monitored natural recovery (MNR) for contaminated sediments. Each seminar focuses on the issues and limitations associated with each option including information on designing remedies that maximize long-term effectiveness and minimize short-term impacts. Participants of the seminars will achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn about the equipment for and design/implementation of capping and dredging
  • Discuss key issues in evaluating and monitoring capping, dredging, and MNR
  • Become familiar about resources, references, and Web sites useful in evaluating sediment remedies


  • Capping Materials and Design (D. Reible)
  • Capping Equipment and Operation (M. Palermo)
  • Questions and Answers to follow each instructor's presentation

More information on and registration for the second and third seminars in this series is available through the CLU-IN Studio.

For general information contact Steve Ells by telephone at 703-603-8822 or via e-mail at

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