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Stormwater Phase II Requirements: Improving Stormwater Quality Over the Long-Term
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Office of Water

The Clean Water Act Phase II NPDES Stormwater Program requires approximately 5000 communities around the country to develop and implement comprehensive stormwater management programs. Our regulations set forth a flexible framework described by six minimum measures, which include public education, public involvement, management of construction site runoff, management of permanent (or post-construction) stormwater runoff, detection and elimination of illicit discharges, and the application of stormwater and pollution prevention practices to the day-to-day municipal operations.

This Webcast will open with an overview of the Phase II requirements, noting particular areas where watershed groups can participate. Arguably, the most important part of the program is the permanent or post-construction minimum measure. The second part of the Webcast will focus on this measure and will provide an overview of what municipalities need to do to put these programs in place. We will also discuss how new ideas such as low impact development and smart growth can be integrated into these programs to help ensure that real water quality benefits are achieved. For general information contact Ron Ohrel by telephone at 703-385-6000
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