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Jump-Starting Ecological Restoration - Soil Health
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Land Revitalization Office

Summary: Any restoration effort is only as good as the soil that it is built on. The goal of this Internet Seminar is to provide site managers with the basics of soil science and with available tools to build a beautiful soil in a single season. Examples of projects where different residuals have been used to create a healthy soil environment on contaminated sites will be presented. This approach is both cost effective and ecological friendly. By taking this Internet Seminar, participants will gain the tools necessary to evaluate the conditions of the soils at their sites, identify locally available and cost-effective residuals that would effectively improve these soils, and gain familiarity with a number of different application options for incorporating these amendments into site soils. The potential for amendments to be used for in situ remediation will be clear through the case studies. As managers are being faced with both reduced resources and the need to consider end uses of sites, this type of approach is an essential first step towards ecological restoration.

Background: In December 2001, EPA's office of land and emergency management (OSWER) launched the Revitalization Initiative. As with the EPA's Brownfields' pilot projects, OSWER recognized that reuse and redevelopment considerations should be incorporated in all of OSWER's cleanup programs. The Land Revitalization Office was formed to ensure coordination occurs across all OSWER offices to achieve the Agency's land use goals. The group serves as an advocate for reuse and revitalization of formerly contaminated land. They provide coordination on programmatic, policy, and regional implementation issues across all OSWER waste programs. The Land Revitalization Office develops methods to advocate, improve, and streamline OSWER reuse programs, tests new ways of conducting business, and assesses program trends to better determine further directions to enhance waste programs cleanup and reuse. This training is sponsored by EPA's Land Revitalization Office. For general information contact Scott Fredericks by telephone at 703-603-8771 or via e-mail at

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