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Subpart X Miscellaneous Units: RCRA Organic Air Emissions Standards
Hosted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region 4, RCRA Programs Branch

In 2002, the U.S. EPA, Region 4 RCRA Programs Branch presented training courses on Supbart X Miscellaneous Units and the RCRA Organic Air Emissions Standarts.  To access this training information, along with associated guidance, Federal Register Notices, policy documents, etc.,  please click the link listed below.

Region 4 developed this training to assist regulators in the understanding and implementation of Subpart X for Miscellaneous Units and the RCRA Organic Air Emission Stantards.  Note that this training information is not intended, nor can it be relied upon, to create any right enforcable by any party in litigation with the United States.  The EPA may change any of the information found in the training information at any time without public notice.  When reviewing the training information, remember that it is not legally binding and does not replace and applicable Federal regulations or any state and local rules that may be applicable.

Region 4 would like to thank Michael Mikulka (Region 5), Janet Evans (Eastman Chemical Company), Rene Fuentes (Region 10), Robert Zerbonia (Research Triangle Instisute), Carl Daly (Region 8), John Crawford (Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management), and Abdool Jabar (Region 2) for their contribution to the respective training course(s) and information.

Please note: To successfully access this training you should not use the internet broswer Netscape, version 4.7 or lower.

This is an Independent On-line Training product.
To access the training please click here:

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