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December 7, 2023
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Chemical Weapons of Convenience/Opportunity
Hosted by Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry/American College of Medical Toxicology
EPA Region 10 and Other Sponsors

The horrible tragedy, which resulted when terrorist crashed a hijacked commercial airliner into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, demonstrated the lethal potential and our tremendous vulnerability to weapons of convenience or opportunity (WOC/O). Many now believe that terrorist attacks in the US are more likely to involve WOC/O than conventional nuclear, biological or chemical warfare agents. This one day course provides an awareness-level training of the potential medical and psychological consequences of chemica ...  [click for more]

For general information contact Jeffry Rodin by telephone at 206-553-6709 or via e-mail at

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Bullet  Spokane, WA
  March 16, 2006 - March 16, 2006
Bullet  Anchorage, AK
  November 9, 2005 - November 9, 2005
Bullet  Seattle, WA
  September 16, 2005 - September 16, 2005
Bullet  Portland, OR
  December 11, 2004 - December 11, 2004
Bullet  Seattle, WA
  November 22, 2004 - November 22, 2004
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