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What Is Remediation Process Optimization and How Can It Help Me Identify Opportunities for Enhanced and More Efficient Site Remediation?
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC)

Remediation Process Optimization or RPO is the systematic evaluation and enhancement of site remediation to ensure that human health and the environment are being protected over the long term at minimum risk and cost. Through this training, the ITRC RPO team intends to inform interested and affected parties about the value of optimization in efficiently and objectively setting and attaining remediation goals. Key elements of RPO that will be discussed in the training include:

  • Appropriate use of up-to-date conceptual site models (CSM),
  • Flexible Remedial Actions (RAs) operations considering technology limitations and risk assessments,
  • Use of treatment trains for each target zone, and developing performance objectives for each element
  • Developing an exit strategy for each remedy component considering life-cycle factors, and
  • Life-cycle cost analysis as a decision-making tool with the requirement that protectiveness must be maintained or improved.

This ITRC training will also identify and describe the applicability, advantages, and disadvantages of various approaches, as well as where they are most appropriate for use. The curriculum will conclude with a case study of an RPO conducted by members of the ITRC team at an Air Force installation to illustrate how an RPO is conducted and potentially findings. The ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document: "Remediation Process Optimization: Identifying Opportunities for Enhanced and More Efficient Site Remediation" serves as the basis for this training course and should be reviewed for additional information

For general information contact Mary Yelken by telephone at 402-325-9615 or via e-mail at

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