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June 21, 2018
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Achieving Data Quality - Developing & Review of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
Hosted by Civil Engineer Corps Officer School
Intergovernmental Data Quality Task Force (IDQTF)

This course has been developed jointly by the EPA, DOE and DOD through the direction of the Intergovernmental Data Quality Task Force (IDQTF). The course is open to regulators and personnel from all Federal Agencies; however, the curriculum targets personnel using Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for CECLA, RCRA or related programs at Federal Facilities. To gain maximum benefit from the course, students should have a basic knowledge of environmental quality systems.

Mission Statement: This 3-day course trains personnel on the Uniform Federal Policy (UFP) developed by the IDQTF governing the preparation and review of QAPPs. The course will train personnel in the use of the Systematic Planning Process (SPP) graded approach to project planning. The course will train personnel to prepare and to review QAPPs that support the generation/collection of reliable and high quality environmental data that is appropriate for its intended use. Curriculum materials are presented through lecture, group projects, and computer exercises. Class Study Exercise demonstrates the application of the System Planning Process for Federal Facility developing, writing, implementing and reviewing QAPPs for CERCLA, RCRA and related programs.

Target Audience: Students include Department of Defense (all services), Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, other Federal government personnel, representatives of Native American Tribes, and state environmental regulators. The course particularly targets personnel who develop, review, implement or use QAPPs, or personnel that have to communicate QAPPS, including, but not limited to:
   · Remedial Project Managers (RPMs)
   · On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs)
   · Site Assessment Managers (SAMs)
   · RCRA Facility Managers
   · EPA enforcement personnel
   · State and Tribal Regulators
   · Quality Assurance Personnel
   · Community Involvement Coordinators (CICs)
   · DOE Program and Field Managers
   · Contractors and Oversight Officers
   · Legal Staff
   · Field Task Managers
   · Laboratory Personnel

Authority: 40 CFR 300.120(h)(1) states that "The lead agency should provide appropriate training for its OSCs (On-Scene Coordinators), RPMs (Remedial Project Managers), and other response personnel to carry out their responsibilities under the NCP (National Contingency Plan)." DOD, DOE and EPA have agreed to implement the IDQTF's Uniform Federal Policy for Implementing Environmental Quality Systems for Evaluating, Assessing, and Documenting Environmental Data Collection/Use and Technology Programs. Among other requirements, this policy calls for the use of a standard Quality Assurance Project Plan content and format.

For general information contact Coral Norton via e-mail at

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