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Institution Controls (ICs) 201
Hosted by U.S. EPA

This session will provide an introduction to the use of institutional controls (ICs) as a component of Superfund remedies. ICs are non-engineered instruments, such as administrative and legal controls, that help to minimize the potential for human exposure to contamination and/or protect the integrity of a response action. ICs are critical when contamination remains on a property after a Superfund cleanup at a level that does not allow for unrestricted use. Come and hear from national IC experts who will provide an overview of ICs and introduce attendees to IC planning, implementation, enforcement, and maintenance, and technical and legal resources to support those activities. The target audience for this course is new RPMs and RPMs with less than five years of experience.


MODERATOR: Jean Balent
SPEAKERS: Matt Sander (HQ/OSRE), Craig Boehr (HQ/OSRE), Alexis Rourk (HQ/OSRTI), TBD (EPA regional speaker)

For general information contact Matthew Sander by telephone at 202-564-7233 or via e-mail at

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