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June 28, 2022
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Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans (UFP-QAPP)

Current description – Focus on Project Planning


The ERTP Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans (UFP-QAPP) training course is an 8-hour course designed to gain participant buy-in regarding the need for QAPPs, change behaviors, and provide technical guidance regarding the review and use of the UFP-QAPP format for U.S. EPA environmental information (not just lab data!) gathering activities.  The course targets project decision makers – remedial project managers (RPM), on-scene coordinators (OSC), information end users, and quality assurance (QA) personnel – as well as technical staff who support planning and environmental information collection, processing, validation, and use.  This course focuses on aspects of the UFP-QAPP that project managers/decision makers need to focus on, but also provides an overview of those parts of a UFP-QAPP that are largely chemistry-related which chemists and other technical specialists would focus on.  The course teaches decision makers and technical support personnel what should go into UFP-QAPPs, i.e. how to manage and review them, NOT how to write them.  The course will involve three primary modes of teaching: lecture with audio-visual aides, exercises for course participants using example UFP-QAPP worksheets, and plenty of time for answering participant questions and open discussion.

Target Audience:            

EPA Project Managers, project planners, decision makers, information end users, chemists, lab procurement specialists, technical auditors, information validators, information assessors, and QA Managers; basically, anyone involved in any phase of environmental information (not just lab data) gathering, analysis, validation, interpretation, use, and decision making.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand that you must have QAPPs for your environmental investigations and learn why you will want them
  • Know that the heart of your project and of the QAPP is planning and developing the problem statement, objectives, and the decisions that you need to make
  • Know that chemistry is in service of project planning and decision making – chemistry gets you the information you need to make your decisions!
  • Gain understanding of elements of a UFP-QAPP that focus on:
    • Project planning
    • Defining the problem in the form of questions that support the decisions that need to be made
    • Setting objectives
    • Establishing decision-making criteria
    • Defining project action limits and analytical sensitivity needs
    • Defining field sampling activities and requirements
    • Defining the information usability assessment process for assessing whether the information gathered is of sufficient type, quantity, and quality to enable decision-making
  • Learn:
    • To carefully consider who the information end users are and get their help in planning
    • What to look for in your UFP-QAPP to make sure that it will achieve the objectives of the investigation.
    • About the chemistry-related elements of a UFP-QAPP and what needs to be in them
    • That project managers do not need to know the chemistry content in detail, but that they should pass on those parts of the QAPP to their technical experts to review
For general information contact REGISTRAR by telephone at 513-251-7669 or via e-mail at

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