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Assessment of Relative Bioavailability of Soil Arsenic and Lead in Human Health Risk Assessment
Hosted by EPA Region 4 Superfund and Emergency Management Division/Resource and Scientific Integrity Branch

The Technical Review Workgroup (TRW) Bioavailability Committee recently published the “Guidance for Sample Collection for In Vitro Bioaccessibility Assay for Arsenic and Lead in Soil and Applications of Relative Bioavailability Data in Human Health Risk Assessment.” This is an update to the 2015 Guidance for Sample Collection for In Vitro Bioaccessibility Assay for Lead (Pb) in Soil. The update is intended to help EPA risk assessors, remedial project managers, and on-scene coordinators develop and use bioavailability data at their sites. It incorporates sample planning and data analysis recommendations from EPA’s Guidance on Systematic Planning Using the Data Quality Objectives Process that are pertinent to sampling for In Vitro Bioaccessibility (IVBA) and Relative Bioavailability (RBA). It also clarifies the application of IVBA and RBA data to human health risk assessment, the development of risk-based goals at CERCLA remedial and removal sites, and includes arsenic (As) which was recently added to the In Vitro Bioaccessibility Assay.

This is the first of two trainings the TRW has developed based on the updated guidance. It will cover what bioavailability is and why we should measure it for Pb and As at Superfund removal and remedial sites, as well as for other cleanup programs. This training will target a general audience of regional staff working in risk assessment, remediation, emergency response, technical support, and quality assurance. This training will be an hour long and will include plenty of time for general discussion. The second training will target those who will be developing or reviewing sampling plans for bioavailability data, performing or reviewing risk assessments, and applying this information to remedial and removal decisions. It will follow the general structure of the updated guidance and will focus how to collect bioavailability data and appropriately apply it.

Speakers: Bioavailability Technical Review Workgroup; Sydney Chan, Human Health Risk Assessor

This course is open to EPA and ATSDR employees only.

For general information contact Siobhan Whitlock by telephone at 404-562-8299 or via e-mail at

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