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RRT 1 Fall 2017 Meeting
Hosted by Regional Response Team 1 and 2 (RRT1)

RRTs are the federal component of the National Response System, made up of representatives from 15 federal departments and agencies and each of the states within the Region. RRT1 includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. RRTs are co-chaired by the Removal Manager from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regional office, and the Incident Management and Preparedness Advisor of the United States Coast Guard's First District. It meets at least two times per year throughout the region.

RRT 1 is a planning, policy, and coordinating body which does not respond directly to the scene of a spill or release. They provide assistance as requested by the On-Scene Coordinator during an incident. More information regarding RRT 1 can be found on the RRT 1 websites at:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either the EPA or Coast Guard RRT coordinators:

James Carew
U.S. EPA - Region 1
5 Post Office Sq., Suite 100
Mail Code: OSRR 02-2
Boston, MA 02109

LT Annjea Cormier
First Coast Guard District (drmp)
408 Atlantic Ave.
Boston, MA 02110

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