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Facility Decommissioning
Hosted by Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory is again offering its popular training course "Facility Decommissioning". The Argonne course is considered a must for those looking to understand the full breadth / cross-section of all decommissioning processes.

A registration fee of $1,495 USD is required.
A special reduced rate is available for qualified small businesses, some state regulatory agencies, and some academic institutions - please ask if you might qualify.

Applicants are encouraged to register electronically. Early registration is highly recommended due to the limited class size. Over 2000 staff members from various organizations in over 60 countries (as of November 2016) have attended the previous offerings of this training course. In the process they have gathered a wealth of the collective experiences and lessons learned from a diverse set of lecturers for eventual use in planning for and performing their decommissioning and environmental restoration projects.

Please visit the registration links below for detailed information.

For general information contact Lawrence E. Boing by telephone at 630-252-6729 or via e-mail at

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