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September 19, 2019
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CESCL: Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training 2-Day in Oregon
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Upon completion of the training, attendees will have a firm understanding of how to simply and confidently comply with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements for stormwater management on construction sites. NWETC’s 2-day CESCL course is a dynamic interaction between traditional classroom style and hands-on exercises.

Day 1 is spent in the classroom discussing impacts of erosion and sedimentation, regulations, CESCL responsibilities and examining the most up-to-date techniques in the management of sediment and construction sites through BMP descriptions and case studies. In this Oregon course, we will examine BMPs and regulations specific to managing stormwater in Oregon, while also completing the necessary information for WA CESCL certification. We will also discuss details of the Oregon 1200C and 1200CN permits, and how they relate to the CESCL activities on construction sites.

Day 2 starts in the classroom with a review of a variety of case studies. Next, attendees will take the certification exam. On the afternoon of day 2, the class will visit field sites and practice inspections and best management practices of choosing mats, blankets, check dams, bonded fiber matrix, straw, and other erosion control techniques for various site locations. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) certification is required in the state of Washington and Oregon by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for personnel responsible for construction stormwater inspections and sampling at construction sites. Students who complete the course will receive a WA CESCL card, good for three years.

NOTE: The Construction Stormwater General Permit requires that site inspections be conducted by personnel certified in CESCL. This CESCL certification course is recognized as meeting the training and certification requirements of the General Permit, and BMP C160 Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) in Ecology’s stormwater management manuals.

Intended Audience:
The intended audience is field personnel, managers from businesses and municipalities who implement and oversee the Oregon 1200C permit in addition to conractors, agencies, engineers, and consultants. Those attending will also receive a CESCL certification with the Washington State Department of Ecology.

For general information contact Lenore Rooney by telephone at 425-270-3274 , Ext. 103 or via e-mail at

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