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Systematic Development of Informed Consent (SDIC)
Basic Level Training
Hosted by U.S. EPA, Community Involvement and Program Initiatives Branch
Community Involvement University (CIU)

What is the course overview?
The course helps participants discover the larger decision-making framework that they fit into as professionals working in today’s world. The course provides a big enough perspective where "politics" no longer is a four-letter word, and no longer is synonymous with "irrational" and "frustration”. From that bigger and better perspective, participants discover that their role as technical experts doesn't have to be one of near-irrelevance in the political decision-making process. In addition, participants will also discover that the potential exists for them to have much greater influence over political decision-making than they ever thought possible, by 1) being brutally honest, and 2) being nothing less than professionally responsible.

Who should take this course?
This course is recommended for public officials with responsibilities for important, but difficult-to-implement projects, programs, regulations, and missions, etc. They and their publics are the most obvious beneficiaries of this training.

What are the course learning objectives?

Participants who complete this course will gain skills on how to:

  • Identify why and how proposals are torpedoed;
  • Understand the "Technical Fallacy" -- Why no amount of scientific analysis can resolve values conflicts;
  • Mesh scientific analysis needs with Systematic Consent-Building if it is to influence political debates and political decisions; and
  • Satisfy this society's concepts of fairness, rights, freedoms, liberties, and responsibilities.

What are the logistics?
During this two and one half-days course participants learn the fundamental principles of and objectives for building Informed Consent among their publics. Recommended course size is 15-45 participants.

Hans, Annemarie & Jennifer Bleiker, a husband-and-wife, and daughter team teach this course. The Bleiker’s have dedicated their professional lives to making organizations with important missions -- especially public agencies -- better at accomplishing their missions. They are devoted to helping make public-sector agencies more effective. Their Consent-Building methodology is both cutting-edge and entirely unique to their research.

Is there available background material?

  • Citizen Participation Handbook for Public Officials & Other Professionals Serving the Public
For general information contact Tina Conley by telephone at 703-603-0696 or via e-mail at

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