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June 19, 2021
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Introduction to Risk Assessment Guidance With Expanded Eco-Risk
Hosted by Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP)

This 3.5-day course provides participants with the fundamentals of risk assessment as applied to the Superfund cleanup process. This course is designed to present an introduction to the Superfund risk assessment process to Project Managers, On-Scene Coordinators, Risk Assessment Reviewers, and potentially new Risk Assessors working at hazardous waste sites or treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. The course assumes little experience with toxicology and risk assessment or knowledge regarding Superfund risk assessment guidance.

The course is based on the following EPA documents:

The risk assessment process is presented in an introductory format. The overall goal of the course is for the student to have a good understanding of the risk assessment process associated with Superfund (and similar) sites. Additionally, the student is introduced to many of the primary EPA guidance documents used to prepare Superfund risk assessments.

Topics include: baseline risk assessment, screening level ecological risk assessment, preliminary remediation goals; applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance; data collection and evaluation; exposure assessment; toxicity assessment; risk characterization; uncertainty analysis, principles of ecological assessment; ecological risk assessment guidance for Superfund; and ecological data collection methods. Current technical and information resources will also be discussed.

Instructional methods include lectures, videos, class discussions, and group exercises.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe risk assessment and risk management.
  • Identify the applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance pertinent to human health and ecological risk assessments under Superfund.
  • Describe each of the four steps of the risk assessment paradigm.
  • Describe the eight step process for ecological risk assessment.
  • Identify and describe similarities and differences between human and ecological risk assessments.
  • Identify and describe some of the data collection methods specific to ecological risk assessments.
  • Review and have a better understanding of Superfund risk assessments.

In compliance with Executive Order 13589 - Promoting Efficient Spending, Section 5; the ERTP will not be regularly printing or providing students hard copies of the course manual. Students may obtain an electronic copy of the student manual for personal printing or e-reading at:

Note: Calculators are highly recommended.


*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

For general information contact Registrar by telephone at 513-251-7669
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