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Facilitating Online Meetings: Tactical Skills for Planning and Leading Web-based Meetings
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center

Design considerations for planning online meetings, developing ground rules, recognizing speakers, balancing participation.

Intended Audience:
Individuals already familiar with in-person facilitation techniques

Margaret Ross, EPA Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center, Jason Gershowitz, Kearns and West

If you have any questions or problems please contact:
• Margaret Ross -, 202-564-3221 (office), 202-250-0737 (cell)
• Jason Gershowitz -, 410-303-6836 (cell)

This session will be online only there will be no in-person session. If you’re unable to join, but are interested in scheduling a future session, please contact Margaret Ross or Jason Gershowitz.

*ALL* individuals planning to participate in this training must pre-register, even if you plan to participate as part of a group.  However, individual participation is strongly suggested to produce more accurate online polling responses, etc.

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