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Industrial Stormwater in the Northwest: Managing Stormwater Permits in Washington and Oregon
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Attendees of NWETCs Industrial stormwater management workshop will be guided through all the requirements of the Washington and Oregon permits, and will learn techniques and practices to address the challenges of industrial stormwater management. Attendees will learn:

Drivers motivating change in industrial stormwater management 
Overview of the industrial permits in WA and OR 
Getting reliable data through sampling 
Best Management Practices
NWETC and NEBC are partnering together to offer this valuable one day training at a special flat rate of $325, a $75 discount off the normal course registration fee.
Please wait to receive a course confirmation email, roughly one month prior to the class, before making any travel arrangements. 
Intended Audience:
The intended audience is field personnel and managers from businesses and municipalities who implement and oversee the Washington and Oregon permits. This workshop is appropriate for attendees who are new to the field as well as seasoned experts.

For general information contact Christa Lilly by telephone at 425-270-3274 or via e-mail at

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