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Control and Management of Non-Native Invasive Fish
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

During this course, attendees will explore efforts to understand, control and manage invasive fish through early detection and assessment, with emphasis on control and management methods. This is critical as invasive species threaten the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems worldwide and are considered the second greatest threat to biodiversity loss in North America.
Exotic species introductions (illegal and intentional) were a factor in 68% of fish extinctions in North America, and the rates of introductions have increased dramatically in the last 50 years impacting nearly every major watershed in the United States.  Fisheries management programs have transplanted popular sportfish to provide recreational opportunities and many other aquatic organisms have been planted to enhance fish growth. Habitat loss and degradation, climate change and urbanization have also contributed to the establishment and spread of non-native fish.
Regardless of the cause of species introductions, the establishment and proliferation of invasive species often results in the decline and potential extinction of native species, with invasive predators having the most dramatic effects. Controlling and managing non-native invasive fish is critical to the survival of freshwater fish in North America, and attendees of this course will gain an increased understanding of what can be done to minimize the negative impacts of invasive species.



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