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In-Place Asphalt Recycling and Pavement Preservation Programs
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Counties, cities and towns across America are currently struggling with a declining road infrastructure that costs a great deal to maintain and replace. Despite having the technology in place to change our situation for the better, many owner agencies continue to maintain their roadways with conventional roadway rehabilitation techniques. For the forward thinking agencies that want to make the shift to eco-efficient in-place asphalt recycling techniques, and kick start a proactive pavement preservation plan, the backbone of that shift is a well-executed pavement management program.

In-place recycling and pavement preservation programs save money on upkeep, and create opportunities for grant funding in certain areas. Owner agencies that are embracing in-place recycling and pavement recycling technology are saving millions across the nation and extending the service lives of their roads.

Attendees of NWETC’s Expert Pavement Management course will learn the essentials of how to successfully maintain an existing Pavement Management System, or implement a new system from scratch within their agency. By the end of this course, participants will be able to also confidently specify & bid projects with in-place asphalt recycling and eco-efficient pavement preservation techniques. They will also learn how these same projects may also be eligible for special grants and funding options under the climate initiatives in certain locales.

After completing the course, attendees will also be able to make informed decisions to distinguish the differences between the various in-place asphalt recycling choices available (HIR, CIR, FDR) and pavement preservation strategies while learning how to implement an effective cost saving recycling program that stretches their agency’s annual budget further. There is also a hands-on field component of this course that will give participants experience using the latest tools and software.



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