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Quality Assurance and Quality Control Methodology
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Learn the role of quality assurance and quality control in developing environmental programs for site investigations, remediation, and monitoring at contaminated sites. Through this course you will become comfortable with concepts, tools, and the basic statistical methods needed for designing and implementing a field program. You will also become familiar with how to work with a laboratory to ensure the right chemical analyses are performed on the right samples and how to evaluate data produced.

Attendees will come away with tools for deciding when an independent data validator is needed, how to assess data in other situations, and how to maximize date defensibility. Hands-on exercises include working through a Quality Assurance Project Plan and setting up Excel worksheets to perform efficient assessments for standard analytical data.

Tuition: $595 / $545*
$545 / $495* (before Dec 24, 2011)

*Reduced tuition available to employees of Native American tribes, nonprofits, and government agencies; students; and NAEP members.

For general information contact Tracy Clark by telephone at (425) 270-32 or via e-mail at

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