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Use of Geostatistical 3-D Data Visualization/Analysis in Superfund Remedial Action Investigations
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

Three-dimensional (3-D) visualization and analysis is being used with increasing frequency to improve the effectiveness environmental investigation and cleanup efforts. Many potential users, however, are not readily aware of how visualization and analysis methods can be used to support their projects at various stages in a project lifecycle, how the software programs really work, what to consider when scoping and procuring services, what to plan for in terms of costs and schedule, or how to confirm and quality check results. This two-hour seminar will: (1) describe the setup and use of 3-D data visualization systems; (2) show how visualization and analysis can help resolve a number of common, but critical, issues at environmental cleanup sites; (3) identify best management practices developed from a broad range of Superfund site 3-D visualization applications; (4) describe quality control procedures when using 3-D visualization for analyzing existing data in EPA investigations; (5) and present guidelines for contracting 3-D visualization and analysis services. The seminar will also demonstrate how 3-D visualization and analysis was used to maximize the value of existing site data at the Time Oil/Well 12A Superfund Site in Tacoma, Washington. Under active remediation since 1988, the site has not reached the goals identified in the Record of Decision (ROD). At this site, 3-D data visualization/analysis was utilized extensively for defining present site conditions and providing a comprehensive conceptual site model (CSM) for evaluation and selection of remedial actions designed to reach a workable exit strategy. An open forum will be held after the presentations, during which participants will be able to submit questions and feedback to the speakers.

For general information contact Steve Dyment by telephone at 703-603-9903
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