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Best Management Practices for Brownfields Remediation
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Technology Innovation and Field Services Division

A new combined one day class, Best Management Practices for Site Assessment, Site Remediation, and Green Remediation Footprint Reduction, now covers this topic.  For future offerings please visit the following link:

Best management practices (BMPs) encompass strategies, tools, and technologies that can be used at every phase of Brownfields site cleanup from initial planning to site reuse. These BMPs can reduce cost, schedule, and uncertainty by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of remedial strategies and monitoring activities that comprise Brownfields site cleanup.

The remediation phase of a Brownfields redevelopment project is subject to significant uncertainties and other influences that can effect successful execution and results. Cleanup of Brownfields sites are typically more costly and can be longer-lasting than the site assessment phases. The U.S. EPA has developed BMPs to ensure Brownfields remediation efforts are designed and performed effectively to ensure successful remedial decisions and outcomes.

This training will present specific remedial approaches and BMPs for the following common Brownfield redevelopment scenarios, including:

  • Gasoline Stations
  • Dry Cleaners in Urban Renewal Areas
  • Former Manufacturing Facilities Redeveloped into Shopping Centers
  • Metal Recycling and Auto Salvage Yards
  • Mining (Mine Scarred Lands or MSL
  • Railroad Yards
  • Waterfront Development on Historic Fill

In addition, the EPA has instituted systematic processes for evaluating cleanup and monitoring systems with the goals of improving effectiveness and reducing and controlling overall site cleanup costs without increasing risks. Optimization can include removing redundant treatment processes, streamlining a monitoring program, downsizing system elements or developing a framework for an exit strategy to assist with reaching site cleanup and reuse.

The training will present optimization concepts that EPA has been applied to over 150 sites at Superfund, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Leaking Underground Storage Tank (UST) sites nationwide.

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