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Unified Statistical Guidance
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

The webinar will provide interested parties a broad introduction to the March 2009 Unified Guidance. The session will start with the purposes of the guidance and a summary of how it is organized. Speakers will provide a brief discussion on how the guidance might be used for diagnostic evaluation of data assumptions. Next, speakers will expand on a number of key guidance topics:

  1. statistical design and hypothesis testing: how to set-up statistical testing to simultaneously identify "dirty" groundwater with sufficiently high probability while minimizing the chance of labeling "clean" groundwater as "dirty";
  2. the importance of background data: when might "moving windows" be needed? How should background be updated for intrawell testing? What if background levels are higher than compliance standards?;
  3. resampling and retesting: what benefits does retesting provide? How can it be done right?; and
  4. intrawell testing: why is spatial variation important? How can it be "fixed"?

At the end of the presentation, time will be left for either phone-in or written questions.

For general information contact Linda Fiedler by telephone at 703-603-7194
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