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Charrettes: Redevelopment by Design
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center

A training seminar for Remedial Project Managers and Community Involvement Coordinators

Supporting land revitalization is a priority for EPA and the diverse stakeholders concerned with contaminated lands. However, making reuse happen can sometimes seem like a distant goal. Charrettes are collaborative planning and design workshops that bring diverse stakeholders together to plan for future land use in neighborhoods and communities.

This one day interactive seminar, sponsored by EPA’s Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center (CPRC), will help you:

  • Explore what charrettes are and why they are an important tool.
  • Discover when and where charrettes can be used productively.
  • Identify steps to initiate charrettes processes at your site.
  • Understand who should be involved and their roles.

A Charrette uses pictures and mapping tools to develop innovative, sustainable plans for revitalization. Traditional planning and negotiation efforts can be stymied by the complex issues and divergent perspectives, leaving all parties frustrated. These collaborative workshops help participants visually understand the complexities of land re-use and revitalization. They have made a difference across the country by moving the affected stakeholders from negative approaches to positive plans for the future.

The training is built around a series of interactive exercises designed to immerse participants in site-based situations based on real Superfund sites.

Target Audience:
Remedial Project Managers, Community Involvement Coordinators, and anyone involved in decision-making regarding the reuse of contaminated lands.

Mike Hancox, E2; Melanie Mills, E2

For general information contact Anna Abbey by telephone at 202-564-1897 or via e-mail at

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