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ArcGIS10: Geoprocessing- Advanced Techniques for Environmental Applications
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced GIS users to explore advanced ArcGIS techniques for geoprocessing. We will start with ArcToolbox, work into Model Builder, and then into Python scripting. It is expected that upon completion of this course each student will have an in depth understanding model builder and introduction into Python scripting in ArcGIS.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Automatically create an data management system for advanced geoprocessing in ArcGIS 10.
  • Set geoprocessing environments for any component of the geoprocessing framework (i.e. ArcToolbox, ArcTools, Model Builder, ArcPy)
  • Build simple and/or complex models in with the most current and advance techniques available in the ArcGIS 10 Model Builder software.
  • Use Python scripting language to run ArcGIS geoprocessing workflows.
  • Use Python scripting language to expand the functionality of the ArcGIS field calculator.
  • Import Python scripts as Tools to be run from ArcGIS Toolbox.

*Reduced tuition is available for Native American tribes, government employees, nonprofits, students and AFS, NAEP, NEBC, TAEP members.
You may register online or by calling the Northwest Environmental Training Center at (425) 270-3274. Online registration is strongly encouraged.
Please wait to receive a course confirmation email, roughly one month prior to the class, before making any travel arrangements.
Intended Audience:
This hands-on course is intended for environmental and graphics professionals involved in the collection, interpretation, and presentation of spatially related data.

Registration: Early bird rate $1,045/$995* until April 7, 2019; $1,145/$1,095* thereafter. **Reduced tuition available to employees of Native American tribes, nonprofits, and government agencies; students; and NAEP members.

For general information contact NWETC by telephone at 425-270-3274 or via e-mail at


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