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Using Ecological-Based Tools and Approaches to Assess Bioavailability
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

The Superfund Research Program (SRP) presents "Using Ecological-Based Tools and Approaches to Assess Bioavailability" featuring Dr. Kim Anderson (Oregon State University) and Dr. Celia Chen (Dartmouth College). Dr. Anderson's presentation will demonstrate the sensitivity of the BRIDGES bio-analytical tool for detecting spatially distinct toxicity in aquatic systems; bridging environmental exposure to biological response. Dr. Chen's presentation will cover work conducted in both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems through a combination of field and experimental studies that investigated the factors that influence the trophic transfer of methylmercury from the bottom of the food web up to fish that humans consume. This is the second session of the RiskeLearning Spring/Summer 2010 series "Ecological Risk: New Tools and Approaches." For more information on the series visit:

For general information contact Justin Crane by telephone at 919 794-4702
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