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Permeable Reactive Barriers for Chlorinated Solvent, Inorganic, and Radionuclide Contamination
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC)

This training is designed to introduce state regulators, environmental consultants, site owners and community stakeholders to three documents created by the ITRC's Permeable Reactive Barrier Walls Technical Team and the Remediation Technologies Development Forum (RTDF) Bioremediation Consortium titled, "Regulatory Guidance for Permeable Barrier Walls Designed to Remediate Chlorinated Solvents", "Regulatory Guidance for Permeable Reactive Barriers Designed to Remediate Inorganic and Radionuclide Contamination" & "Design Guidance for Application of Permeable Barriers to Remediate Dissolved Chlorinated Solvents". The training focuses on the basic information one needs to determine and document the conditions necessary to effectively apply a permeable reactive barrier to a contaminated zone to be an effective part of remediating chlorinated solvents, radionuclides and other inorganic compounds in ground water. It provides a framework, that is, how to think about permeable reactive barriers based on science. The information contained in this manual and presentation is based on research activities of the RTDF and from experience and knowledge of the participating members.

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