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Alternative Countermeasures for Oil Spills: A Primer on NCP Product Schedule
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

Alternative (non-mechanical) oil spill response methods have gained popularity and acceptance among industry, federal responders and trustees, state agencies, Congress, and the entire oil spill response community. EPA Regions 5 and 9 have included pre-approved solidifiers in their area plans.

OSCs play a vital role in planning and authorizing ACM use with RRT participation, and as responders to inland spills. RRT representatives may be called on to concur with in situ bioremediation (ISB), chemical, and biological countermeasures for marine and inland spills more often. ISB, dispersants, surface washing agents (SWA), chemical sorbents, and other technologies have sparked controversy and confusion in all regions and areas. Many research efforts have helped resolve issues about toxicity, efficacy, and proper use of these tools, but conflicts and questions still arise.

This webinar will be a condensed version of the ACM class scheduled to be presented as an 8-hour workshop at the 2010 OSC Readiness Training Program. This webinar will stress the basics of how OSCs can use the NCP Subpart J Product Schedule in their daily spill planning and response work with emphasis on how to deal with product vendors before and during a spill response. Some discussion of the new U.S. Coast Guard dispersant capabilities rule will be included. For general information contact Jodi McCarty by telephone at 513-333-3672
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