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General Information
Event Name: Chemistry for Environmental Professionals - Applied
Hosted By: Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP)
Event Description:

This 1.5 day course provides participants with an introduction to applied environmental chemistry principles and practices which underlie the release, fate and transport, sampling, analysis, and cleanup of chemicals contaminating environmental media, with particular emphasis on soil and groundwater. This course is designed for environmental professionals who are not chemists, but who require a basic knowledge of chemistry and environmental chemistry in their work.  Some prior education in chemistry, to the high school level or above, is recommended but not required.

Specific topics include a survey of  selected chemical industries or processes that release hazardous chemicals into the environment; fate and transport of chemicals in environmental media; data quality objectives, including the control of false positive and false negative decision errors; and data usability, including defining detection limits and data qualifiers.

This course is preceded by the “Chemistry for Environmental Professionals - Fundamentals” training course. Although it is not required, students are encouraged to request both courses when registering.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the chemical, soil, water, and geological properties which govern the fate and transport of chemicals in environmental media.
  • List key chemicals and modes of release associated with selected chemical industries or processes.
  • List chemical parameter changes associated with aerobic and anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons in subsurface media.
  • Identify the elements of the data quality objective (DQO) process.
  • Evaluate the consequences of false positive and false negative decision errors.
  • Describe procedures and practices commonly employed to ensure the quality and usability of analytical chemical data.
  • Define common terms and parameters used to evaluate and communicate the quality and usability of analytical chemical data.

ABIH (American Board of Industrial Hygienists) has previously awarded CM (Certification Maintenance) credit for this event. The current event contains 11 hours which can be claimed from ABIH for CM credit.

The classroom version of this course is delivered over 1.5 days.

The virtual version of this course is delivered over two 5-hour days, for example, from 8:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.

Continuing Education Units: 1.1

This course is not open to consultants, contractors, or any private entities.

This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.

In compliance with Executive Order 13589 - Promoting Efficient Spending, Section 5; the ERTP will not be regularly printing or providing students hard copies of the course manual. Students may obtain an electronic copy of the student manual for personal printing or e-reading at:

Click on CEP-Applied Student Manual to download a pdf file of the portion of the manual that does not change course to course.
Click on CEP Applied Processes Student Manual to download that portion of the course.  

*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

IMPORTANT NOTICES – Applicable to all ERTP courses :

  1. ERTP’s receipt of a Trainex course registration is a Registration Request, it is not a Guaranteed Enrollment in the Course. All ERTP training courses require applicant registration thru the Trainex system. Last minute course arrivals without prior ERTP Trainex course registration approval is not permitted. Before ERTP issues final approval to deliver any course and/or any EPA offices incurring expenses for the training event (including but not limited to EPA staff travel TA’s and/or ERTP training contractor expenses incurred), all EPA mandatory pre-approvals must all be met. The pre-approvals include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Training location’s availability;
    • COVID status and/or other COVID Guidelines in effect for the location, as well as staff;
    • Agency limitations, scrutiny, and approvals of ‘Conference Spending Requirements (known as the “5170”)’ for the specific training course(s) scheduled delivery timeframe;
    • Weather (blizzard, hurricane, etc);
    • Contractual number of available course training slots;
    • EPA training location staff having priority registration over all other registrations; and/or
    • Hosting site Training Coordinator approval.

    In the event a course is subsequently postponed or canceled, or notification of registration cancellation is received, all EPA travel arrangements (airline/car rental/hotel) should be canceled in a timely manner. Registered students will receive a notification via email if/when a course is postponed and/or cancelled.
  2. For in-person course deliveries, confirmed course registered participants must abide by all facility physical access requirements for the location (examples: check-in at the security gate, Federal ID, Government PIV/CAC cards, photo id’s, etc.). If applicable for the course or location, restrictions may apply to non-citizens and acceptable identification may be required for facility entry.
Event Host:Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP)
Additional Information:

Course Dates are 12/14 - 12/15/2023 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Thursday) & 8:00 - 12:00 (Friday) Pacific Time 

Intended for U.S. EPA Region 9 personnel only or by invitation.  

Class hours each day are 8:00 to 5:00, unless otherwise indicated.

Entry Requirements to Federal Facilities - Training Exchange (


For the convenience of the remote workers the CEP Applied Course will offer both a live and in-person option.  You will be asked to select which option when registering.

Once a registration is approved, the applicant will receive a confirmed enrollment email notification (usually in the form of a confirmed Outlook email calendar event (that is not identified as “Hold the Date”).

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Actions required by EPA staff for the items that are specific to this training event/course:

3. Conference Spending Requirements (known as the “5170”) -Applicable to all ERTP in-person courses & training dates– All EPA staff travel spending will be closely monitored/scrutinized for 5170 cost-monitoring requirements. All EPA staff registering for the above course registration links are requested to notify the EPA/Region staff identified at the bottom of this webpage in advance and provide the preliminary cost estimate details in writing via email. The Region POC and/or other EPA staff are responsible for tracking EPA 5170 spending for this training event. Travel spending includes all funds to be paid for by EPA. The 5170 conference spending requirement is not applicable to participants external to EPA, where EPA is not funding travel.

EPA travel spending “Project Code for this training event: The unique project code for this training event is ME0909*CT.****


****Participants are responsible for ensuring this code, once it is assigned, is used in the Site Project field under the Accounting tab in Concur. This code must be used for all travel authorizations, travel vouchers, and local travel vouchers related to this specific training course event. For the code shown as “TBD”, upon receipt of OCFO’s approval this webpage will be updated to add the approved code. For TA’s approved in advance, it is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure the TA is amended to add the correct project code(s) and/or MUST be added to the final Travel Voucher. For some back-to-back delivered courses, two different unique travel codes may be required. If needed, your FCO/Funds Certifying Official can provide assistance to ensure the code is entered correctly in Concur.

****Note: ERTP’s training contractors are NOT involved in EPA’s internal 5170 conference spending processes or approvals. All 5170 related questions are to be forwarded to the Region course POC, or Region Training Coordinator, and/or the EPA ERTP Contracting Officer Representatives (COR’s).

Registration Status: Completed
Event Begins: December 14, 2023 at 8:00 AM Pacific
Event Ends: December 15, 2023 at 12:00 PM Pacific
For questions about this event, please contact: Registrar
Phone: 513-251-7669
This event will be held at: U.S. EPA - Region 9
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
Location Map:
These maps are for getting a general idea of the location - they may not be 100% accurate.
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Location Contact Information: Patricia Bowlin
Phone: 415-972-3177


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