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General Information
Event Name: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 40-Hour Training course (In-Person)
Topic: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)40-Hour In-Person
Event Description:

IMPORTANT:  All EPA staff travel required to attend this "In-Person" course is being closely monitored/scrutinized for mandatory EPA 5170-related cost compliance tracking with the Region POC for this course.  Therefore, if you plan to submit a travel authorization to attend, please ...  [more]

Event Host:ERTP/Environmental Response Training Program
Additional Information:

EPA/Region 7 - The EPA Region 7/Kansas City staff have "PRIORITY" registration for this course.


This is an in-person 40-Hour HAZWOPER 5-day training course with a mandatory pre-requisite

This 5-day course is designed for personnel involved with the investigation and remediation of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and, to a lesser extent, response to an accident involving hazardous materials. It provides basic information needed to meet the forty hours training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(3)(i) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify methods and procedures for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazardous substances.
  • Identify concepts, principles, and guidelines to properly protect site or response personnel.
  • Discuss regulations and action levels to ensure health and safety of the workers.
  • Discuss fundamentals needed to develop organizational structure and standard operating procedures.
  • Select and use dermal and respiratory protective equipment.
  • Demonstrate the use, calibration, and limitations of direct-reading air monitoring instruments.

Participants will be more knowledgeable in hazardous waste operations, team functions, personnel health and safety procedures, and operation of field monitoring equipment. In some segments of the course, participants are required to wear respiratory equipment, which precludes wearing eyeglasses. Individuals who are severely restricted without their glasses should be aware that their participation may be limited unless they have contact lenses, their own spectacle kit or spectacle-equipped respirator facepiece. During some exercises, participants are required to wear chemical protective clothing, which may be stressful to certain individuals.

Mandatory course pre-requisiteA medical evaluation in accordance with the Respiratory Protection Standard, 29 CFR 1910.134 is necessary in order to attend this course. Each student must include with their registration a letter from their supervisor or a copy of a medical certificate that clearly states that a medical evaluation has been completed and that the student is medically able to wear respiratory protection equipment. This must be received prior to the course start date. Registration will not be completed, nor will confirmation be sent, until such proof is received by the HazTrain Registrar. If registration done on-line, fax a copy of the respiratory document to the HazTrain Registrar at 301-934-9584.  Alternatively, the preferred method is to upload the respiratory document to the Region 1 secure file link

It is highly recommended you complete the FEMA Incident Command Classes 100, 200, 700 and 800. This training is available for free on the FEMA website.

Per EPA direction: Manuals are no longer issued in class. Students will be provided information on where they can go to download a copy to bring to class.


*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

Class registration and participation details:

  1. Trainex website registrations- All course enrollment registrations for this course will occur at
  2. Medical Clearance Authorization – Receipt of the medical clearance authorization at email address: ertp-h&s@epa.govand subsequent review of document(s) for completeness.
  3. Receipt of Outlook calendar event email- Upon ERTP’s receipt of the participants site class registration, the participant will receive an Outlook calendar email from:  ertp-h&
  4. Together, completion of items 1) through 3) above completes the course registration process.  It is the course participants responsibility  to carefully review the initial Outlook calendar events received and follow directions provided, as well as monitor incoming and/or updated Outlook calendar event emails received that identify changes or updated information for the course logistics, participant requirements, and/or other information.  For registered participants only, training participation instructions will be provided thru receipt of emailed Outlook calendar event updates several days prior to the course start date. 

Full attendance, participations in interactive quizzes and polls, and answering 75% of the test questions are required to receive the course completion certificate.

Post Trainex Registration, course participation details and logistics***  -  Course participation details will be provided to Trainex enrolled/registered participants for this course through receipt of separate Outlook calendar events transmitted to the registered participant’s email address used for course registration.***Logistics for the in-person training will be provided to participants thru the subsequent Outlook calendar event(s).  

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Actions required by EPA staff for this item that are specific to this training event/course: 

Conference Spending Requirements(known as the “5170”) -Applicable to all ERTP in-person courses & training dates– All EPA staff travel spending will be closely monitored and scrutinized for 5170 cost-monitoring requirements.  All EPA staff registering for the above course registration links are requested to notify the EPA/Region staff identified at the bottom of this webpage in advance and provide the preliminary cost estimate details in writing via email.  The Region POC and/or other EPA staff are responsible for tracking EPA 5170 spending for this training event.  Travel spending includes all funds to be paid for by EPA.  The 5170 conference spending requirement is not applicable to participants external to EPA, where EPA is not funding travel.

EPA travel spending “Project Code for this training event:  The unique project code for this training event is ME0707HZ

****Participants are responsible for ensuring this code, once it is assigned, is used in the Site Project field under the Accounting tab in Concur.  This code must be used for all travel authorizations, travel vouchers, and local travel vouchers related to this specific training course event.  For the code shown as “TBD”, upon receipt of OCFO’s approval this webpage will be updated to add the approved code.  For TA’s approved in advance, it is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure the TA is amended to add the correct project code(s) and/or MUST be added to the final Travel Voucher.  For some back-to-back delivered courses, two different unique travel codes may be required.  If needed, your FCO/Funds Certifying Official can provide assistance to ensure the code is entered correctly in Concur. 

****Note:  ERTP’s training contractors are NOT involved in EPA’s internal 5170 conference spending processes or approvals.  All 5170 related questions are to be forwarded to the Region course POC, or Region Training Coordinator, and/or the EPA ERTP Contracting Officer Representatives (COR’s).

Course Dates & Times - July 31-August 4, 2023, from 8AM to 5PM Central Time (CT)

Registration Status: Completed - Medical evaluation required to attend. Registration will remain in-complete until proof is received by the ERTP Registrar. 5170 is mandatory.
Event Begins: July 31, 2023 at 8:00 AM
Event Ends: August 4, 2023 at 5:00 PM
For questions about this event, please contact: Roy Krueger
Phone: 816-401-9727
This event will be held at: Region 7 Training & Logistics Center
8600 N.E. Underground Drive
Pillar 253, Door 32
Kansas City, MO 64161
Location Contact Information: Joe Ricard
Phone: 816-268-0200
Additional Event Information
new-EPA employees & non-EPA - 1 (264K/PDF)
Existing EPA employees - 2 (193K/PDF)


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