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September 02, 2015
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CD-ROM Based Courses

Below is a list of all 11 CD-ROM Based courses that have ever been offered through this website.

bullet  Basic Inspector Course: CBT (CD-ROM/WEB) (NETI CST909)
bullet  Clean Water Act/NPDES Computer-Based Inspector Training (CD-ROM) (NETI CWA904)
bullet  Comprehensive Ground-Water Monitoring Evaluation (CME) - CBT (CD-ROM) (NETI RCR901)
bullet  EnviroCrimes: A Clear and Present Hazard (CD-ROM) (NETI CRM901)
bullet  Environmental Statute Review - CBT (CD-ROM) (NETI MLS901)
bullet  Introduction to Superfund Enforcement - CBT (CD-ROM) (NETI CER901)
bullet  OECA Regulatory Development Training (CD-ROM) (NETI MLS902)
bullet  Putting It All Together: The Case Development Process - CBT (CD-ROM) (NETI CST910)
bullet  RCRA Inspector Training - Basic CBT (CD-ROM) (NETI RCR902)
bullet  Self Audit and Inspection Guide for Metal Parts Finishing (CD-ROM) (NETI CPA701)
bullet  Wastewater Sampling at Wastewater Treatment Plants (CD-ROM) (NETI CWA 901)

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