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March 25, 2019
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Below is a list of courses that have a currently scheduled offering in the Region you selected.

BulletAdvanced NEPA-An Intensive One-Day Seminar With Solutions to the Most Difficult NEPA Problems (POL-500)
BulletAdvanced Radiation Safety for EPA Emergency Responders
BulletArcGIS10: An Introduction to Environmental Applications (GIS-403)
BulletBasic Statistics for Environmental Professionals (STAT-102)
BulletBoat Electrofishing: Principles and Practices (BIO-408)
BulletCESCL: Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training (CESCL-101)
BulletConflict Resolution Skills for Environmental Professionals (CON-201)
BulletContaminant Vapor Migration and Intrusion (VAQM-401)
BulletEnvironmental Forensics Techniques (CHEM-540)
BulletGroundwater High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)
BulletHazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 40-Hour
BulletHealth and Safety for EPA Site Supervisors
BulletIntroduction to Remedial Action Management when using EPA Contracts
BulletNegotiation Skills for Women
BulletPreliminary Assessment and Site Inspection Training
BulletRemedial Design (RD): Planning, Competing and Administering Task Orders Under the EPA Remedial Acquisition Framework (RAF) Contracts
BulletRRT 1 Spring 2019 Meeting
BulletSampling for Hazardous Materials
BulletSuperfund 101
BulletWhen the Heat is On: Persuasive Speaking on Environmental Risk, Controversies, and High-Stakes Topics (RCOM-452)
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