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September 23, 2020
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Intro to Integral Sustainability
Accelerating the path to ecological sustainability with the Integral Model Course ID: SUST-302
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Integral Sustainability provides a practical framework to diagnose and prescribe policies and initiatives that create more sustainable businesses, institutions, social policy, grassroots movements, public health, and environmental quality. The Integral Framework is a holistic model that maps the interior and exterior aspects of sustainability, barriers to program effectiveness and implementation, and approaches to overcoming those barriers. Integral Theory is a meta-theory that draws from the knowledge and wisdom of numerous sources ranging from cognitive theory to spiral dynamics. It is a “theory of theories” that holds the potential to revolutionize the sustainability movement by helping with program design and achieving long lasting results. This one-day workshop will provide participants with an overview of effective concepts, tools and processes to foster sustainable thinking, behavior, and systems. Participants will learn how to develop new approaches to their projects & programs that increase their success in unprecedented ways. Participants will receive a new set of perspectives for increasing their personal, programmatic, and organizational effectiveness.

Course Topics:

Overview of Integral Concepts & Tools:

* Overview of Integral Theory Components (Holons, Quadants, Lines, Levels, States, & Types)
* nature, Nature, and NATURE
* Relativism Gone Wild & the Mean Green Meme
* Holarchical Environmental Ethics: 3 types of value: depth, instrumental, & ground
* Integral Change Agency
* The I.O.U. Principle - Incomplete or Uncertain
* BMI - The Basic Moral Intuition

* Pre/Post Fallacy
* Subtle Reductionism & Retro-Romanticism
* Oppressive Structures vs Liberating Structures
* Depth vs. Span
* Integral Multi-Lingualism (Integral Social Marketing)
* Integral Sustainability Case Studies
* Integral Spirituality, ascending and descending currents
* ILP - Integrated Life Practice

(NOTE: We will cover as many of these topics as time and participants’ interest permits. We intend to cover them all!)

After completing the course participants will:

* Understand the Basics of the Integral Framework & Integral Sustainability
* Have the Ability to Analyze Sustainability Initiatives and Social Change Situations through multiple perspectives offered by the Integral Framework
* Communicate their work in a way that people with different values will be receptive to (time permitting)

Materials: Participants will receive copies of course notes and reference materials.

Registration: $95/65* (* For nonprofits, Native American tribes, government agencies, students, NEBC and NWAEP members). You may register online or by calling the Northwest Environmental Education Council at 206-762-1976.

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees are fully refundable up to 30 days prior to the event and 50 percent refundable (or 100% credit) thereafter up to 3 business days prior to the event. No refunds are issued for cancellations occurring less than 3 business days before the start day. Course registration fees and cancellation policy are subject to change without notice. For general information contact Eldan Goldenberg by telephone at 206-762-1976 or via e-mail at

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