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April 11, 2021
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Microsoft Access Part 2: Creating Efficient Workflows and Custom Tools
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Access databases are more than just data tables. An Access database includes a collection of objects that all work together to perform specific tasks quickly and efficiently. By building on the knowledge gained in part one of this course, we will create highly efficient customized workflows that can reduce complex data processing and reporting tasks down to a single click.

This is the second course in a 2-part series. In "Introduction To Building Environmental Databases With Microsoft Access (COMP-401)", students learn the basic elements of constructing queries, forms, macros and reports. In this recommended third day, you will build on those skills by creating end-user application examples that bring the newly learned elements together. Access analytic tools, PivotCharts, and PivotTables will be introduced, and an SQL primer will be included. This course is separate from COMP-401 so that students may take it at a later date if you do not have flexibility in their schedule, however we highly recommend that the two courses be taken together. COMP-402 is not meant to be taken as a stand-alone class without first taking COMP-401.

**Please bring a personal laptop with Access 2010 (Access 2007 acceptable) a pen or pencil and paper if you prefer not to write in your manual. If you are not able to provide a laptop with Office (various types acceptable, 2010 preferred) we can provide one at a fee. Please contact us at 425-270-3274 to make arrangements two weeks prior to course.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply complex query functions to databases
  • Create and design pivot charts and pivot tables
  • Perform complex queries using multiple tables
  • Create tools for forms and reports
  • Build multi-step macros for automating tasks
For general information contact Ralph Fontaine by telephone at 425-270-3274 or via e-mail at

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